Victoria Beckhams Formal BLONDE Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

victoria is very beautiful with this short hairstyle

i like victoria beckham with bob haircuts

Victoria Beckham black wavy hairstyles

Victoria Beckham is always beautiful..What do you think about her hairstyles ?

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One thought on “Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

  1. Narimane

    Hi! I am white and I took my hair to Ebony Plus Hair Salon and they permed it and gave me the most ggoreous ethnic looking black hair I have ever seen. It’s not a weave, or a wig. It’s real. In fact, it looks so african american now, that when people see me from behind, they reckon I am black. When they see my face and that I’m white, they are surprised. I am Italian, and so I reckon it might be simpler to afro up Italian hair or Mexican than it is for a regular white girl to get a black hair style. Believe it or not, here are men out here who reckon that white women with african american dos are hot. Ever since I went african american with my hair, I’ve been questioned out more by both black guys and even white guys. This hair I have now gives me an exotic look. If you are white, and you like black hair styles, then go for it. Don’t let redneck observations bother you.


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