Side Braid Hairstyles for Summer 2012

Side braids are a cute and easy hairstyle for summer. This on trend look keeps hair in place for a carefree and attractive hairstyle. This look is great for staying cool on hot summer days and staying cute during active adventures. Or add some flowers to the braid for a bridal or flower girl hairstyle. Check out these side braid pictures for three different ways to get this look.     The side braid can be worn on either side. Pick your favourite side or the opposite of your phone ear. This plait starts just above the ear and is braided directly over the hair and hangs straight down. Again, the braid looks great a little bit messy and highlights naturally wavy hair. Shorter layers are braided into the side braid and are kept as side swept bangs on the opposite side.     The side braid is an easy breezy summer look. Like the look above, this side braid features a deep side part and starts above rather than below the ear and hangs straight down over the shoulder. This cute and carefree hairstyle is beautiful with the traditional braid.Searches: κουρεματα γυναικεια 2015,50s style plait,hairstyle braid side,naturally curly hair straight bangs,side plait,side plat Read More

Short Hairstyles 2012

Trendy Short Hairstyles for 2012

Trendy hairstyles perform some selected pictures which could inspire your styles.Trendy hairstyles would become one good solution from any face shape.Trendy hairstyles 2012 will not miss the latest trend in this year.Trendy haircuts offer various forms that challenge your hair appearance.Trendy long hairstyles promise long into elegant impression in colorful hair.Trendy short hairstyles generate something different ideas in short.Trendy medium hairstyles ensure you to get top medium hair fashionable.
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